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Personal Action

Start making a difference 

Personal Actions

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Calculate and reduce your footprint

Compared to most in the world our carbon footprints are still massive but that means we can make more of a difference by changing.

Giki's app helps you find your footprint and reduce it and do it with others in an active community. 

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Find out what the independent report for government says about the massive impact we can have on climate and Nature through our food choices and farming.

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Feeling Powerless?

Join a group: alone there is little we can do about a global crisis; but together?  All the progress that has been made has happened through people working together to support each other, to grow their voices and the voices of others. 

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Recycle and Repair Electricals 

In the UK we are the second worst creators of electrical waste on the planet but most of us want to change that and Restart are working to help us do it. 

Find repair cafes locally, there are more than you think around the UK or have a go at doing it yourself. Restart has all the resources you need to get repairs or repair yourself, including links to Fix it Club and a host of all resources needed to get electricals fixed or have a go yourself at the bottom of their About page.


Internet, Data and Search Engines

Firstly: you may be surprised to see how much, or little energy your data footprint is using

Secondly: your browsing can even help the planet:

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Heating boiler

In your home: Electrify everything

Decarbonising housing is a massive challenge but it doesn't have to be, just replace with electric as you need to:

  • When you need a new boiler: get air source heating instead of a new boiler: the pricing is now comparable!

  • Cooker, Car, Solar power; prices continue to fall so start saving now and when the time comes you may even have money left over for a nice low carbon holiday

Standing Air Conditioner
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Where and how we travel is one of the single most impactful changes you can make 

Amazing European destinations are all accessible by rail or road

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Psychology Session

Take care of yourself

  • Climate can be hard on our mental health so knowing where find help is essential.

  • The Climate Psychology Alliance are clinical psychologists working internationally.

  • Offer free therapy

  • Have a wealth of events and material to you help you on your climate journey

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Bristol City have a fantastic resource based around choosing actions by effort, impact and cost: The Bristol Climate Hub

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Change your bank

This is much easier than you think and our money is one of the most powerful resources we have
Triodos Bank is the only bank to score full marks on climate change from Ethical Consumer

Transferring is automated and they have a mobile banking app



Where you take action; you find hope is all around

There are volunteer groups of varying sizes all over the country desperate for more help but they are not always well known: check and post on local Facebook groups to start your search. 

If you cannot find anything, for your needs start your own group, just be patient and try to centre it around tangible actions that people can get involved with.

Join us
  • You can become and active member from the public sector

  • Not in the public sector? Join us as a volunteer climate officer

  • Become a friend of the CfCA on LinkedIn and bring others, you don’t have to be in the public sector to help connect the public sector: LinkedIn

    • Find out more about us and let others know: Home | Collective for Climate Action

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Taking Direct Action as a Public Servant

  • Direct action can have implications for your professional as well as your personal life. Check the code of conduct for your organisation or business if you are thinking of taking direct action. There are many ways to make a massive difference on climate and mass extinction.

  • There are incredible numbers of climate groups out there to join and take action locally, nationally and internationally. 

  • Action can take place in person and online, in your community or involve travel.

  • Supporting the wellbeing of others taking direct action is essential but involves less personal risk

  • Click on the logos to find a group that best fits your skills, location and interest.

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