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Climate For Teachers

The climate and education

As Education Lead for the Collective for Climate Action, Ian Cable, offers free sessions for teachers on the Climate and Biodiversity Crisis.

Ian has an MSc in Climate Change and Risk Management.  He works at the Environment Agency and has experience in Flood & Coastal Risk Management and community engagement.  He continues to communicate on climate within The Environment Agency, the Civil Service, Schools, and the Institute for Risk Management.


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The sessions

  • In a 1 hour, online session we will cover:

    • what drives climate change

    • why it's so difficult to address

    • what the most impactful solutions are

    • what we can all do to help

    • what our future is likely to look like, based on science 

    • the opportunities it presents

  • Questions are encouraged

  • All sessions are free

  • We can schedule around you

Outside the School

Understanding leads to solutions

School LIbrary

The philosopher, Timothy Morton, describes climate change as a hyper-object; an entity of such vast dimensions that it defeats traditional ideas about what a thing is in the first place. It's a huge issue and it's very easy to feel paralysed by this, but learning how we can take action, and doing so with others, can help to ease 'climate anxiety'.