Connecting the UK Public Sector on Climate

Welcome to the Collective for Climate Action (CfCA). We are a self-organised network of public sector employees working throughout the UK to build ambition in government on addressing the climate and biodiversity crisis. We are building a community that connects members to share work, solutions, resources and, most importantly: time. 

The science states that no major government is doing enough to combat the worsening climate and biodiversity crisis. Currently we are on course for a disastrous 3-4 degrees centigrade rise in average global temperature and we have the tools to do so much better. Net zero has to be a stop on our journey, not our destination; that must be net negative, bringing us back to pre-industrial levels of atmospheric CO2.

There is so much to do, but there is so much we can do across government to make us more effective and better prepared to adapt to new challenges and take advantage of new opportunities that a transition to a sustainable future presents. In the public sector there are thousands of opportunities to have impacts from connecting two people to share and implement an idea to decarbonising entire sectors of the public sector, and we can help you to do that.

We have members from more than 200 different government organisations from around Britain, including 70 councils. We are growing every day, and as we grow, we become more effective, working together to share ideas. experience and aggregating our resources. We are saving what is arguably the most precious of resources in the fight against the climate and biodiversity crisis: time.

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