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Connecting the UK Public Sector on Climate

Welcome to the Collective for Climate Action (CfCA). We are a self-organised network of public sector employees working to address the climate and biodiversity crisis. We share knowledge, work, solutions, time and resources. We have members with over 200 different government organisations, including 70 councils.

No government is doing enough to address the climate and biodiversity crises. Net zero is good but net negative is what we really need, to bring us back to pre-industrial levels of atmospheric CO2, and keeping global warming below 2 degrees C.

This is a huge challenge but there are opportunities too.  Within the public sector there are already pockets of great work being done.  We are here to connect those pockets, to accelerate and amplify the results.  As we grow, we become more effective. 

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Find opportunities to volunteer with us here, there is a huge amount that needs doing and loads of ways, large and small, that you can help out.  

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